Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why is it...

that toddlers and preschoolers can remember every fun place they've ever been, every place they've eaten something good, every spot where just once some treat was stashed, every promise of playground / library / store with a Thomas track / treat of any kind but for the life of them cannot remember not to jump on the couch?  No matter how many gentle reminders or shouted reminders are uttered.  Washing hands and putting undies back on after going potty is also impossible to grasp.  And the ability to remember an answer to questions like "read this book," which is usually more a statement than question but that is beside the point.  Or if we can go to the library / playplace / park / Thomas track or can have a cup of milk / snack / lollipop / ice cream / soda / cup of milk. 

And don't get me started on the "what"s.  It's just amazing how early they believe that if they just make you say it again you will change your mind and they will get that lollipop / candy / soda / cup of milk / trip to the playground .  Or not have to pick up their toys or the food they threw.  Or put on their undies. 

Bill Cosby must be right.  It must be brain damage.
Combine that with a hot, tired, and crabby Mama and you have the makings of a long day.  Or as many days as the beastly heat wave lasts.  Not that lower temperatures will improve memory function but at least there is hope of better moods for Mama. 

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Emily said...

Clearly Momma's aren't supposed to know all the littles tricks. ;)