Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Over the weekend we went for a hike, which is a serious challenge with such little ones.  But there was this waterfall at the start of our adventure. 

This is a happy picture face.  Really!

They dragged the little couch up there on our bed and were hanging out.  And then the poses they struck when I grabbed the camera just made me laugh out loud.

Waiting for the shortest and longest legs to catch up at the end of our hike.  My knees are just not what they once were.  Neither are my sneakers. 

round button chicken


Emily said...

Your boys are just too funny!

Swanski said...

You have beautiful kids! I love both photos :) BTW my knees are not what they used to be either!!

Linny said...

What adorable poses! My little shaver does that with his couch, too! (But his is a pink and purple Dora couch because it was cheaper than any of the more masculine ones.)