Thursday, September 22, 2011

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He was so excited about the first day of the school year that he would not stand still.  He also asked every 5 minutes if it was time to go to school - starting at 5:30am.  Really, really happy. 

This is what made Littler happy while Bigger was at school - he played in the sandbox in the school yard and then we went for snacks, he picked out pretzels and an apple shaped cookie.  And ate them at the same time.  He was so upset about not being able to stay at school but we could buy his compliance with snacks. 

That blue ball there was under the dining room table.  I swept it out with one sweep and then into the living room and up the ramp into the tunnel with another without looking, just like the old slam dunk over the head.  Really! 

round button chicken


Mary said...

You can bribe me with snacks too! Love the photos! Have a great week!

Bethanne said...

Your knitting is very pretty--I've got a little bit of envy!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

Yes...bribing with snacks sounds quite familiar!!

Rosie said...

Your "happy" and "funny" both made me laugh! What cutie pies.
Your knitting is indeed pretty - I love the color! I also love what looks like beading/embroidery on your skirt, perhaps?

Lisa said...

Your knitting is beautiful! As for your slam dunk - these things always happen when we're not trying, don't they?