Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Successes

Today I'm not feeling successful.  I'm tired and achy from Littler and his unhappy tummy last night.  Being thrown up on, cleaning it up, and calming down a freaking out two year old can really take it out of you.  Then getting up during the night to settle him too has just left me wiped out.  So I am taking that as my excuse for being lazy taking it easy today.  But the point of this post is not to dwell on what isn't getting done (dishes, pukey laundry, research...) but to find what has been done, so here goes. 

*I finished up some odds and ends of projects, like sewing the seams on a knitted swiffer cover. 

*I figured out that I really and truly need to give up junk food again.  I will admit that I have gained back what weight I lost in the spring when I gave it up before and I am just not happy with my current state of lumpiness (although the boys are fascinated and love to give pokes to my flub belly.) 
And I also figured out that now has to be the time because with my efforts to keep Littler in his own bed at night he is not nursing nearly as much as he was.  And therefore my caloric needs are not what they were, yet I have made no adjustment to my eating.  So I really need to get on that.  So I'm telling the interwebz that I am again going junk food free in hopes that I can find some accountability here. 

*That being said, I just put a pan of brownies in the oven.  And will be packing half of it to go to work with the WeatherMan tonight. 
(For my definition of "junk food" I am currently limiting it to prepackaged junk, if it's made at home with real ingredients I'll allow it.  Provided I can refrain from eating the entire pan in an afternoon.) 

Head over to Sherry's Chocolate for your Brain to share more and be inspired by the other little accomplishments being made this week. 


Lynn said...

sorry about the sick kid - only thing worse than that is a sick Husband ;)

Hope he feels better soon!

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Brownies = successful. Amen.

SherryTex said...

Sorry your son is sick. Hope he's feeling better. Be gentle on yourself. Brownies are allowed. You did a great job! You cared for the sick, you comforted the suffering, you did great love and often showing great love involves a lot of cleaning up yucky stuff. Prayers for your family. Thank you for being a part of Small Success Thursday. It's very moving to see all the love in action poured out every day through these weekly visits.