Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remind Me

when it will be that the boys will appreciate sleep.  On second thought, don't.  I'm not sure I can handle the pain of how much longer I have to go before I can hope for some good sleep. 

We have been up since just before 4:30 this morning.  But they lack the good sense to take a nap.  We have been at this for 2 hours now.  We got home this morning from errands while Bigger was at preschool at about 10:15, eat lunch, and the boys got to watch some Thomas to settle down.  When they got their second wind I put them to bed.  Where they have bounced around for the last hour and a half. 

At one point I went in and they were both stark naked and in the crib. 

Really guys?  Really? 

It is now 12:50 and the only things getting me through is chcolate and the thought of watching the NCIS season premire again tonight because by some wonderful fluke of televsion programing the Canadian station played it last night and the US station will have it on tonight :)  So I get to see it twice. 

And by then the boys had better be asleep.  

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