Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Memories Suite ~ Review and Giveaway!

I was contacted to review digital scrapbooking software by My Memories Suite.  My Memories Suite Version 2 is rated #1 on Amazon for digital scrapbook software.  It has over 1500 background papers and 1300 embellishments, 20 templates and more available in their shop (lots of freebies too.)  There, there's the plug for My Memories
Ok, my thoughts.  Scrapbooking isn't really something I "get."  I've seen people make lovely things.  I've also seen people dump tons of money on supplies only to never finish projects.  Perhaps that's why I never got into it -  having too much already going.  And perhaps because I'm an impatient perfectionist.  Perhaps it's because I hate "verbing" - the turning of perfectly good nouns into verbs seemingly out of laziness.  (Yes, verbing is a textbook example of verbing.  I'll argue that that is to demonstrate the ridiculousness of it, but that's a topic for another post.)  Who knows why I never was bit by the scrapbook bug.  But when I was asked to review My Memories Suite I figured why not?  I mean, I only take about a bazillion pictures so this could be very useful. 

And ya know what?  It's fun :)  I definitely see some Christmas projects in my near future.  The first couple times I tried it out after downloading I found it frustrating.  Probably due to user error and just not having recent pictures accessible on the computer.  And a little just figuring out where is what and what all there is to use, typical learning curve issues.  But after I looked at projects other bloggers had made I was a little more inspired and willing to experiment.  If I had any sense at all I would have checked out the company blog and YouTube videos for starters.  But I didn't - I tend to have a stubborn "do it self" attitude as Littler puts it.  And here we are.  :)  Just what I need, another hobby like another hole in my head. 

And now I can stop feeling sad like I'm missing out on the pretty collages they try to sell you with the fancy photo packages at the mall photo studios!  Which is great because I am a huge sucker for those silly things.  This one took me only a few minutes to put together and fits in with the other two we have.  I can't wait to get it printed and up with the others.  I guess it worked out well that last year's Christmas pictures were the easiest to get at on the computer today.  ;-)

And now the fun - I get to give it to someone!  To enter, leave a comment :)  Check out the designs at MyMemories.com and tell us which you like best.  You can also get a step ahead of this over stretched Mama and checking out their blog or Facebook or Twitter or YouTube
I'll choose a winner Monday night, how's that sound? 

And there's a promo code you can use that is good for $10 off the software and another $10 off other merchandise on the site.  There is no expiration on the code and they tell me that for every time it is used they will make a donation to charity.  (I'm checking that out.)
               Promo Code:     STMMMS47642

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the My Memories Suite Version 2 for this review. 
And credit for our beautiful Christmas pictures goes to Jennine at Tender Expressions Photography


cpcable said...

I have similar feelings about scrapbooking. I thought I would really get into it once I had a baby, but I've yet to be bitten by the bug. Maybe it's just the lack of time. BUT, they do sure have some pretty layouts, don't they? I'm always partial to the "word" and "nature" themed ones. ;)

munchesmom said...

Please enter me! I was bitten by the scrapbook bug just before we got married, but haven't done much in the last few years. I only have first year albums finished for the older two munchkins.

I didn't have enough time to look at all the designs, but of those I did look at, I like the "Christmas Traditions" best...great colors & designs.

meghann said...

Wow, they really have packages for every occasion over there, don't they? I couldn't even begin to tell you which one I like the best.

I tried digital scrapbooking years ago - just using Photoshop & some design packages like the ones on that site; I can't remember where I got them. I had *so* much trouble with it; I'll bet it's much easier with software designed specifically to do that sort of thing. Your pages look really nice… xo

Mary Jo said...

oh my. how adorable they all are! :) i love the boy packs and the family packs. (here's my overall problem. I have a hard time choosing anything. they are all so neat!)