Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phase Two

Of that big scary project.  It's done.  Yup, I had an interview Thursday.  Can't say it was a resounding success.  I suppose only a job offer would prove that.  But I didn't throw up or pass out or manage to offend anyone too badly.  Other than when I slipped and referred to the students as "kids" - I'm guessing I got docked some points on that. 

All a pretty impressive feat considering I walked into a room with a committee of SEVEN for this interview.  And I would bet they were limited to seven because the dining room table of the Newman House only seats 8.  I totally get the need to have a big group - we're talking two colleges, one parish, and the diocese all needing to be represented.  That's a lot of very varied interests.  It was just incredibly intimidating.  Really, big bad scary intimidating. 

You know when you have an end of year exam and it covers the whole course.  There really isn't a lot of studying you can do because there is so much that could be covered on the exam but only a little actually will.  And anyway you were there for all the classes so it's all familiar and there in your memory.  So you do some review and call it good and go to the exam.  In the end you walk out feeling dumber than when you walked in.  Then when you get your grade back you could have flunked it or aced it or anything in between, any outcome is as likely as the others.  That's just how the interview felt. 

My stomach is still doing flip flops over this two days later.  Hardcore flip flops that might be described as butterflies but only if you've ever seen a 500 pound gorilla with wings.  I keep replaying bits in my head and saying to myself "why did I do that?" or "why didn't I say this?"  But what's done is done.  All that's left to do now is wait and see.  It's in the hands of the Spirit.  And of course the committee. 

And even thought my right calf is still sore from tightening it through the entire 30 minutes I was there (to keep the rest of me from wiggling around too much, I'm an anxious fidgeter) I am counting this as my small success for the week.  Because like I said I didn't barf or fall or belch or take my toys and go home, as tempting as that was.  I survived my first proper professional interview.  And I think if this doesn't work out I will just stay an at home mom until someone offers me a job.  ;-) 


Joanne said...

Rootin' for you, Kate. But as you paraphrased....if it was meant to be......

Emily said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of luck for you! How exciting.

Sarah said...

I am sure you did awesome!! You and your wonderful family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Swanski said...

I am hoping you get what you want!