Monday, October 24, 2011


The Littler Guy has had some bad luck lately.  Goes with the age and activitly level I suppose.  Poor kid has given himself two goose eggs and and a scraped nose in the last week. 

Now why, you migh be asking, in a story about head injuries is there a picture of those sweet baby toes?  Well, I'll tell you.  The worst of the crashes involved a toy kitchen, a baseboard heater, and the top of the head of a toddler.  It really doesn't take much imagination to see where this went wrong.  The distress extent of the injury of course required a bandaid but there was no way I was putting a bandaid in his hair.  So he got to chose where it went and the footsie it was. 

Said bandaid then migrated to his upper lip and finally his pumpkin's noggin.  It's next move was delayed by its need for replacement due to loss of stick.   (Normally once it's lost it's stick I would declare a bandaid all done but since we were still fresh on the heels of this owie and I didn't want him getting worked up again and causing more bleeding or headache I appeased him this once in his demands for another.  :) 

And there is the poor bean.  :(   And darn those head wounds that just bleed and bleed.  Thankfully this was just a wee scrape on a big ol' goose egg.  And the swelling went down by bedtime and it started scabbing probably the same time.  Here's hoping he's done crashing around for at least a couple days. 


barefoot mama said...

Awww poor thing! Do you have an Aloe plant? Aloe is wonderful for scraps:) Barefoot mama

*kate said...

Aloe is on my list of plants I want - I think it just moved up the list a ways :) Thanks!