Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Right now ...  Joining Nadja this morning with Monday musings.  I've enjoyed her posts and thought it would be fun to chime in.  It's dark and I'm tired.  I was up with both boys during the night (not unusual) and Bigger wanted to start the day early (also not unusual.)  I figure we have probably another half hour - forty-five minutes till sunrise.  So I'm writing and enjoying my tea while the boys eat their cereal (also known as first breakfast, probably followed by second and some days even third breakfast.)  I am not thinking about the pile of dishes overflowing out of the sink that need attention. 

This weekend ...  Was nice.  Nothing major went on - watched some movies on TV, read some, finished the shopping, went to Mass, got milk, tried a new recipe.  Nothing special but it was sunny and the boys had fun and it was nice to have DH home for an actual weekend. 

Some plans for the week ...  Bringing up the next size up of clothes for the Littler Guy and going through the Bigger's clothes to see what he needs for the winter.  And then making a trip to Once Upon a Child to see what we can do about it. 

If I find some time for myself ...  I need to sew the blocks for the quilt top I'm behind in making.  And I want to have something new to show for the Yarn Along so I might be casting on something... maybe play food for the boys for Christmas.  I wont be so delusional as to imagine I'll take a nap if I find time for me ;-) 

I am grateful for ...  sunshine, big mugs of tea, boys who can occasionally entertain themselves without causing too much trouble, PBS and a TV smart enough to watch it,

Some special prayer intentions ...  to find not one but two small cowboy hats at this late hour before Halloween ...  to sleep through the night...  for a way home...
Something that makes me smile ...

The boys enjoyed climbing hardly off the ground in the tree in Nana's yard when we were there visiting.  Daddy even trimmed the branches that were in their way so they could climb easier.  They were just so amused and so proud of climbing.

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Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

Sounds sweet and productive. I hope you do get some sleep - such a blissful state - some say it is the closest thing to God. Love Katie x