Thursday, October 6, 2011

Small Successes

What have we accomplished this week?  Often a tough question because sometimes just surviving doesn't seem like much but really that takes a lot.  And that's why we blog on Thursdays - to take stock of all those little things that otherwise are overlooked. 

*I trimmed the Little Guy's nails.  And they need it again.  As do the Bigger One's. 

*I did my duty day at preschool this week and survived the fire alarm going off (more than once) and several screaming 3 year olds (not fire alarm related.)  Actually duty days are a good time.  :)

*I had a good time playing with some digital scrapbooking software and wrote up a review for it.  And have my first giveaway going on!  Go ahead and check it out :)  I feel kinda funny giving a plug to something, I never really liked the thought of being a giant walking ad for clothing companies for example.  But that's what reviews are for. 


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munchesmom said...

Trimming little ones' nails...such a "fun" task! Our munchkins seem to have the fastest growing nails in the nation, esp. The Saint. When he was an infant, I think I had to trim his almost every week!