Saturday, October 8, 2011


Visiting my parents is always cool.  For one thing that is often literal.  Our apartment building is blessed with the inclusion of heat in our rent.  Abundant heat.  Leave the windows open in the middle of winter when it's snowing and the inside temperature is still in the 70's heat.  True story!  In addition the climate is a little more mild where we are living which always takes me by surprise.  I was not prepared for temperatures overnight leading to frost yesterday morning.  Even wearing long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets the boys were still chilly on our morning walk to visit Fava at work.  And luckily my dad found a sweatshirt-type jacket of my mom's for me to borrow or I would have frozen in just my hoodie (not your big ol' college hoodie but of course a cute one which is really more about style than warmth.  Hey, I was packing for social events not frost.)  And then there is bedtime, when the thermostat is set lower and the person you share the bed with comes to bed after you and proceeds to roll himself up like a burrito in the blankets.  But first gives the extra blanket you had stashed next to the bed for just such an occasion to a child who throws it to the floor.  I think he actually used it to "tent" the pack 'n' play because it was sitting in front of the open window.  It was only open about an inch and without it the room gets pretty stuffy and rank pretty quickly but still, when I discovered that in the morning I thought "no wonder my poor backside was so cold all night!" 

There is also the coming to be well known fact they that always have the best cereals when we visit.  At home we rarely buy cereal - it's just too expensive.  But last time we visited Dad made sure to get some Quaker Oat Squares.  And we had them the time before that too.  And this visit there is Honey Graham Ohs!  Oh happy day :)  Almost makes up for our very early mornings.

On the subject of food there is also some of the best pizza ever here.  Last night for dinner, Daddy and the boys had cold cheese pizza which is not what you think.  It's a typical cheese pie with added cold mozzarella on top.  It's a local specialty.  It is most excellent.  And that's just one of many local pizzerias.  Mom and I had salads from the Greek restaurant last night - her's with grilled chicken and mine a typical Greek salad with feta cheese.  Today we're going to a local shop that sells local produce (the official reason we're going to is take pictures of the boys with all the pumpkins) and also homemade fudge and ice cream.  MMmmmm, it is seriously the best ice cream - I have been looking forward to this for weeks.  They also have an indoor observation hive of bees. 

Now, there are some challenges to our visit.  Both boys can climb out of their portable containment units so sleeping arrangements are going to need adjusting soon.  Littler was so distraught last night it took an hour and nursing him to sleep to get him settled.  Somehow his brother managed to ignore the screaming and feel asleep in the middle of all this fit pitching.  Poor guys.  But they did sleep through the night, to 5AM and 6:30.  Still not enough sleep but better, so much better.  Here's hoping for a better evening tonight and a repeat performance of solid sleep!

You can still enter the My Memories giveaway!  A winner will be chosen Monday night.  :)

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meghann said...

Oh wow - we lived in that apartment! Except the heat was never turned on until mid-November; once it was, it was about 80 degrees in our bedroom no matter what we did, until spring came & they turned the heat off again!

I'm glad you're having a nice visit. xo