Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Best part of writing?

Blogher is having a National Blog Posting Month and giving daily writing prompts to help bloggers improve their craft.  Umm, that craft would be blogging in this instance.  Not my usual fiber craftiness.  I have enough in that department that my eyes are bigger than my stomach for.  Or should I say my plans are bigger than my needles? 

Anyway.  Today's prompt is: what is the best part of writing? 

Geez, really?  Is there a best part?  I used to do whatever I could to get out of writing.  I remember a number of trips to lay down in the nurse's office after recess, which happened to be our creative writing or free writing time, during one less than pleasant school year.  I don't really remember, I was only about 9 so I might have only pulled that a couple times.  But I remember that the thought of writing made me that anxious that I had to get out of there.  I always hated thinking about other people reading what I wrote.  I never joined the school newspaper because the stress of having people, like the whole school and them some, reading my articles was enough to get my heart racing.  My only relief when I was guilted into submitting an article was that at least it was just two paragraphs about a JV volleyball match.  I mean, how many people were really going to read that? 

And just look at me now!  Here I am, writing several days a week, knowing that what I put out there is actually read by other people.  And I'm enjoying it :)  So what's changed?  Well, for one thing not having to write about volleyball helps.  Not that I dislike the sport, it's actually one I don't mind playing.  But that I'm writing about the stuff that interests me and is relevant to my life (even if I might not enjoy it.)  I like showing off a little - accomplishments, cute kids, nice projects, pretty pictures, anything like that.  And telling stories, some stories just beg to be told and there are always those stories that I'm telling you cannot be made up, they are just too crazy to not be true.  We haven't had too many of those lately but I'm guessing now that I said that we'll be due for a few. 

But the best part I think is the feedback.  Getting comments either made here or are told to me means the world to me.  That encouragement is for me the best part of writing :) 

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Swanski said...

I really enjoy your blog and reading your posts!!