Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday's Ten

In honor of Halloween and the Feast of All Saints Munchesmom and Kristen posted their top 10 lists of candy and saints today.  I thought it looked like fun :)  So here goes. 

CANDY ~ this was tough, my serious sweet tooth had a hard time narrowing it down :)
*Almond Joy
*Snickers Almond (but not peanut)
*Good n Plenty
*Raspberries and blackberries
*Milky Way Dark
*Milka (regular ones, not the freaky crackley-pop kind I had last, yuck!)
*Lindt truffles (any but peanut butter)
*Lemon hard candies

SAINTS ~ this was tough too, there are so many who are so interesting. 
*Dymphna (she's my girl and Confirmation saint)
*Joesph (I've got some serious prayers asking these three for help at the moment)
*Katharine Drexel
*Francis DeSales
*Francis of Assisi
*Venerable Fr Nelson Baker (he's from the Buffalo area)
*Mary Magdalene

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