Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stash-busting Challenge!

I already typed it out loud, so to speak.  But here is the formal commitment - to knit and quilt from my stash this year.  As much as possible.  I mean why buy fabric and yarn if not to make pretty and/or useful things?  I know, I know because that's just what we do.  I can't resist pretty fiber when it calls to me.  Hence I have a stash.  And will continue to add to it left to my own devices.  I'm guessing I'll still find a way to continue to stash this year.  But I'm really going to work on using what I have rather than looking for new projects.

The good news I only have two WIPs thanks to my only one project at a time policy.  So first up is to finish my mom's shawl and the quilt for my newlywed friends.   After that I have yarns for at least 8 projects and fabric for 8 quilt tops.  Bring it on!  Yikes!

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