Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Art work.  What's not to love? 

We went on a field trip to the children's museum this morning.  The play diner was a huge hit with the boys. 

Yes, we celebrate Groundhog Day.  I'm married to a meteorologist.  We make "Phil" cookies every year.  This year I added the pudding with chocolate cookie crumbs for him to peek out of.  The craft came from preschool.  But I had really wanted to make it at home but we didn't have any paper cups. 

Today was my birthday so we went out for dinner.  The boys had their first tastes of cheesecake and of course would only share with Mama.  And helped themselves.  And coughed all over it.  And then sneezed on it.  Right after we took this photo.  I blame the hormones but it was actually one of those moments where you laugh till you cry. 


Swanski said...

Oh happy birthday!!! I hope your day was filled with fun and love :)

Lisa said...

A late happy birthday to you. And the cookies are too cute!!