Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along

Well, not much has been happening on either the knitting or reading front.  Bigger was sick last Wednesday night and then I was sick while we were away :(  I'm still a bit under the weather but improving.  I did knit two rows this week but with the supervision I get at my parents' house that was all I could handle. 
She moved around the table and from chair to chair to try for a better angle "hunting" my yarn tails and the circular needle.  She also loves shoelaces and will even swat at your banana peel if you try to eat a banana on the couch.  Who would have thought there could be a cardio element to knitting? 

I didn't haul the books I was reading with me, just my nook.  I didn't get any reading done until we were on the way home.  Even then I didn't get much done because I kept getting nauseous.  I've always been prone to getting car sick and it's only since becoming a "grown up" and riding in the front seat that I've been able to read in the car.  But I don't know what it was about yesterday.  Oh well.  The book I started was good anyway.  Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson.  It's the prequel to the O'Malley series, the rest of which I read years ago.  It would have been a perfect car read except for the motion sickness. 

Oh well, hopefully this week will be a much better week for reading and knitting.  It gets a little old posting about the same stuff week after week.  I'd really like to have some new stuff the share for Yarn Along soon :) 


Swanski said...

I am hoping you feel better soon and have lots of time for knitting! And reading too.

pinkundine said...

Hope you feel much better fast!

amy said...

Hope you feel better and get some knitting in!

Knitters Notebook said...

Hope you can find some knitting time...I love the color you are using...yellow is my favorite!!


Ellen said...

Maybe you didn't eat enough? Or are expecting? :) Hope you're feeling better very soon. Sometimes when I ride in the car, I find I get that feeling too - it's usually when I've had too much coffee and not enough food.

Emily said...

Oh look at those eyes watching.. she seems rather determined to sample your knitting work!