Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Snow in the creek.  The boys were so glad to finally have some snow to play in.  Not that they played in the creek, just the snow. 

Happy boy playing electronic Yahtzee with Fava.  His brother really liked the Tetris game.  Especially with the sound on.  I'd forgotten how that little tune gets stuck in your head for days. 

He would have eaten nothing but cereal if left to his own devices.  One day we had to cut him off after his 7th bowl!  (Cereal is a rare treat in our house because it is A) pricey and B) we just eat it in a day and a half so we don't get it often.  But there is always cereal at Bapa and Fava's house.  And extra when we're coming.) 
And yes, the newspaper photo he is looking at is a goat who nosed her way into the forefront of the shot.  Also pretty funny. 

With boys blood is to be expected.  This was the result of an unfortunate shoveling accident.  Thankfully it did not require stitches. 

It did require a band aid with stickers on it.  Otherwise he wouldn't keep it on. 
I also realized that this week is all Littler and that he wears a lot of green stripes. 


Swanski said...

So glad he didn't need stitches! Our son use to be a frequent visitor to the emergency room :/ Love your post today :)

Tracy C. said...

Happy your little guy is ok! I love the ceral and newspaper photo. IKWYM about cereal being a treat. We limit is here too but I've been buying Cheerios for my baby and the big kids are all but begging for it too, lol!

Margo said...

boys make my hair turn white. So glad your little guy is ok :)

My kids think cold cereal is a bigger treat than ice cream!