Sunday, May 27, 2012

32 weeks!

As promised, an updated photo.  Complete with the boys. 

And as promised, for comparison.  Roughly 32 weeks along with Bigger. 

All is going well.  I'm up 12 pounds total.  There's hardly any bruising from my shots which is awesome.  The kiddlet is still anonymous and still the most mellow of the three.  The boys are fascinated by babies they see when we are out.  And thankfully don't ask every day if the baby is ready yet.  It's gonna be a long not quite 2 months.  Gosh, less than 2 months already?  


Tracey said...

You are so beautiful Kate! Thanks for the lovely shot, I am so excited for you and your family!

Swanski said...

I think you look great! Won't be long now :) (at least for me!)

Svenna said...

Lovely pictures! I told K our baby will come in the autumn, when the leaves fall down. So you can imagine what happened the other day, when it was so windy some leaves got blown down... He came bursting into the bathroom (I was in the shower) "Mama, the leaves are falling, the baby is coming!" Just in case I might miss it, I guess. :)