Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings

Right now... it is still too early.  The boys had a nap yesterday (thank you Nascar!) and so didn't settle down until 8, asleep around 8:30.  Then they were up and wrestling on top of me before 6am this morning.  Then while I was in the bathroom they helped themselves to the brownie from Daddy's lunch box.  Now I'm drinking my tea and blogging.  And they are playing nicely.  Well, they were until I typed that last sentence. 

This weekend...  the weather was gorgeous!  Saturday the boys and I went to story time at the library - this coming week is the last one, I hope they'll start a new session for the summer.  Then we moved some furniture in the living room around.  A neighbor is moving and gave us an entertainment center.  I'm loving the extra storage space and just the freshness of rearranging things. 

      Sunday we actually made it to church!  Since Christmas the WeatherMan has had to work every weekend but about 4 - one of those we were away and the other three someone was always sick.  So it was so good to be there and the boys behaved SO well.  I was amazed.  It hardly even took any bribery.  ;-)   And we lucked out since it was also the CWL spring bazaar so we got a chance to chat with people we haven't seen in months and have some goodies.  The ladies at the bake table even gave us a small carrot cake to bring home.  Come to think of it, there's a chance that had something to do with our late bedtime last night...  Anyway, after lunch we walked to get milk and eggs (and Coke since it was on a really good sale.)  Then it was time for the Nascar race.  And naps for all the boys :)  The WeatherMan was the first out, followed by Bigger.  I was about to put Littler down on the couch with them after he fell asleep rocking with me when the WeatherMan woke up and moved to nap in bed.  :(  I was going to go sew for a while but the sewing machine is in the bedroom.  So instead I surfed the interwebz and then put the shawl I'm slowly knitting back onto the needles.  After the boys were in bed for the night I knit a row to see how I'd done.  I'm thinking I pulled it off but a couple more rows will be the test. 

Some plans for the week...  getting a bunch of stuff out of my bedroom.  I have a confession - I have a horde of empty boxes in there.  Like 10.  All good sized, sturdy.  Most even have lids.  There's a little crazy voice in my brain holding out hope that we'll move soon and I'd just kick myself if darn it, I just threw out all those boxes yesterday.  So I need to either find stuff to fill them with or get rid of them I think.  There's also a bunch of stuff waiting to go to Value Village.  Other than that it's mostly a week of same ol' same ol' - housework, laundry, park, playgroup, preschool.  Bigger's class is having a Mother's Day Tea on Thursday which will be fun. 

If I find some time for myself this week...  I think I'll take it as my chance to escape and join the circus ;-)  In reality I'll work on the shawl and the patchwork for the baby sleep sack.  And make a pair of shorts for Bigger since I finally got the pattern traced. 

I am grateful for...  beautiful sunshine, leftover quiche for breakfast, moments of relative peace, independent play, piles of books.

Some prayer intentions for this week...  the same special intention.  I'm feeling a little hopeless on it but it's not a no until it's a no.  And even no might be not so much no as not now.  (I just don't like that answer very much, I much prefer to get my way of course.  Who doesn't?) 

Something that makes me smile... 


Tracey said...

Your boys look so sweet, they do remind me of mine when they were little.
I don't like the no word either!
PS- I find myself hoarding boxes too and then I wonder why and throw them all away until the next time a box comes in the door.

Swanski said...

Love the photo! Good luck with accepting "no", "maybe" or "yes". I hate the waiting part the most.