Thursday, May 3, 2012

Needle & thREAD

While I didn't do any *actual* sewing this week I did still work on a project.  :)  And finally got some tracing paper so I can trace the patterns so I can cut the fabric so I can start sewing so Bigger can have some more shorts before it snows.  Sounds a bit like If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, doesn't it?  Just like the Mouse I could use a nap before too long into the process  ;-)  Anyway, these wee squares are not for the shorts but for a patchwork baby sleep sack (it's in Handmade Beginnings.)  Bigger helped me pick the fabrics. 
Playing with layout.  I always get a little anxious about laying out - how to make it all look good together but random.  In dance we used to call it "organized chaos" (those big crowd scenes where everyone seems to just be milling around yet everyone actually knew where they had to end up and who to pass along the way.) 

We read a cute book this week and I thought I'd share here since a number of other bloggers are working on ballet costumes at the moment.  T-Rex at Swan Lake by Lisa Carrier and Lenore Hart.  T-Rex is tired of standing around, being the star of the Natural History Museum and over hears a couple ladies talking about the ballet.  She decides this is just what she needs so heads off down the street to the Opera House.  She quite literally crashes the performance and is a huge hit.  Both boys, who love both dinos and dance, are enjoying this one so much.  I've read it at least once a day since we brought it home from the library on Saturday. 

Linking up with Elizabeth for more sewing and reading :)  


Jeannine said...

Such a pretty choice of fabrics. You get lots of points for cutting! Me, I am not so good at patchwork. I am not precise enough!

Can't wait to see how it turns out...

Jen said...

The colors are so beautiful!! I love Handmade Beginnings too. So many sweet projects in there.