Thursday, May 3, 2012

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It was a dreary day when we went to Niagara Falls but the flowers were gorgeous. 

Lovin' the fresh air and exercise.  And Mama's lovin' the knowledge that a nap in the car will follow :)

OK, so this isn't a *this week* picture but it is still hilarious.  I posted one from this walk earlier but if you didn't see that one I'll let you know that he picked out everything he's wearing.  And put most of it on himself. 

Told ya we did a lot of photos with signs.  Does it show?  ;-) 


Swanski said...

Love the outfit that he decided to wear :) I bet you drive around aimlessly when they fall asleep in the car, we always did :)

Ellen said...

Oh yes, I remember how some fresh air and exercise would make for some good napping...still does!