Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mama needs a time out

Not that she's guilty of any major infractions, other than being in a foul mood.  It's hot - our A/C isn't put in yet.  I'm tired - the boys and I didn't sleep well last night and were up ridiculously early.  I'm frustrated - there's so much I want to do but it's too hot or I'm too tired.  I'm irritated - being the one getting up during the night and early mornings, being the one doing the mopping, laundry, and general picking up, then being too worn out for doing any of the fun stuff I want to do.  And I'm cranky. 

So I took the time out chair out on the porch and had myself a time out.

I put my feet up, ate a good snack, had a cup of tea, listened to the birds and the traffic, and read some Sherlock Holmes.  Part of me felt bad for not working on all the other things I want to get done - decluttering, unknitting, pressing seams, cutting fabric, knitting, sewing...  But no, not really. 

And I could really use another time out.  


Joanne said...

Kate, get all the "time outs" you can get now before July when you aren't going to have any time!

swanski said...

if you felt good then it was just what you needed! Don't forget you are two bodies in one :) I've been hot too.