Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Ok, you probably think I'm crazy and maybe I shouldn't admit to this but I have kept caught up with the dishes for a whole week.  Well, there was one day that they went undone.  Interestingly that was the one day the WeatherMan was home all day... hmmm...
Anyway, I think the tidy sink is pretty.  And it is certainly less stressful than a sink (and counter) full of dishes. 

Homemade chocolate - chocolate chip muffins :)

There is no photo to capture this but it is too funny not to share.  Last week I posted sweet pictures of the boys playing baseball with Bapa and Fava.  You can almost tell in the picture of Littler that his pants are being held up by his boots.  You can't tell at all the typical preschooler America's Funniest Videos moments that resulted from the hours we spent in the yard with the wiffle ball and bats. 

At one point, the boys were playing together in the front yard.  Bigger "threw" to Littler.  It beaned him square in the side of the head.  Littler swung the bat and popped Bigger right on the butt.  Thankfully neither has much power behind their pitches or swings.  There was no meanness to any of it, they were only standing about a foot apart.  It was classic. 

Then, out in the backyard, Bigger was a little crabby about it being Littler's turn to bat so he decided to lay on the ground in front of Littler.  That would be between Mama (the pitcher) and Littler (the batter.)  He was warned this could get him an injury but he declared he would be fine.  No sooner did he say this, Mama tossed the ball, and Littler actually connected and hit the ball straight into his brother's ear.  Well, actually it seemed to bounce of his chest before getting him in the ear but either way he was a little stunned. 

Yesterday I posted about unknitting 3 rows of my cardi to find my mistake.  Well, I counted my stitches yesterday and was 5 short.  No idea where or how that happened.  For the sake of simplicity and my own sanity I ripped out the whole thing.  I'll start again in a couple days.  Hopefully after I get my starter socks off needles.  Maybe even after I knit a couple more baby knits (with probably less than 5 weeks till B-day it's now or never for the wee baby knits, like booties to go with the BSJs.  Or hats.  Or anything else for that matter.)  So my February Lady is in time-out for the time being. 

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Lisa said...

Good luck with your knitting - the colors are so cool to be looking at in the hot weather.

As for your sink - whatever works for you! Yes, the tub is a good idea.