Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yarn Along

Well, we're back.  I'll post about our trip later, if I get the chance.  There are at least lots of pictures so I'm all set for {pretty, happy, funny, real} tomorrow.  In the meantime we're trying to adjust back to life in the real world - detoxing from too much fun, too much junk food, too late of bedtimes.   It's gonna a challenging week but it's good to be home. 

Not a lot of reading was done in the past 2 weeks since I posted.  But we did bring a huge stack of books back with us :)  And it was nice to read the paper while drinking my (decaf) tea in the morning. 

There wasn't much knitting done either, what with so much going on, a cranky baby, and cats.  But I got some done in the car.  And I brought back a big pile of yarn.  Mostly for Christmas gifts, if I can get them done.  (That hank of "watermelon" there at the top - that'll be a present for me :)  Maybe I'll be able to have something to show next week.

Linking up with Ginny.  And hoping to catch up with what's been going on while we were gone. 


swanski said...

I am thrilled that in that pile is a present for you :) I say cast on something right now!!!

momto5 said...

is the watermelon the multicolored at the top? that should knit up super nice. i love yarn gifts. LOL :)

Amy said...

Your yarn is awesome! Jealous fiber girl here.

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

I'm with Amy... jealous of all that yarn! Enjoy!