Thursday, November 8, 2012

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I really, really wanted to take up Leila's challenge this week and create at least one tidy, pretty, and useful spot in my bedroom.  Making the most of life in the here and now and loving it are things I struggle with (and actually a couple of the reasons I have for blogging.)  But right now the here and now consists of boys getting up at 5:30, a teething baby who (when she does sleep) sleeps in my bedroom, never ending piles of dishes thanks to hourly requests for food from those early risers, that smell of spit up that you just can't seem to get out of your nose although that might be because you've got some on your shoulder and/or on your socks (don't ask, she's got skillz this little one does,) and a laundry basket containing a pile of wash taller than my younger son.  And so the here and now of my bedroom may or may not resemble a storage unit with a bed and crib which are usually clear.  Usually.  So for now that has to wait.  Because there is no way I can post pictures of my storage unit bedroom on the interwebz.  Even if my bed in (nearly) always made.  SO, on to a very typical {p,h,f,r} and back to writing my Small Successes (now at Catholic Mom) because I very much need to take note of the things that are getting done, no matter how small.  (Like that usually made bed - success!) 
Pretty sleeping baby - just look at that squishy cheek!  (Adorable baby - success!  Sleeping baby - success!) 

Happy boys rolling in the leaves.  (Fresh air, exercise - success!  Out with Daddy while Mama takes a tiny moment to herself - success!) 

Baby burrito watching election coverage with Daddy.  And she did doze off there for a minute or two.  Also funny is that once I got her to bed (with me, of course) she pooped loud enough to wake me up at 2am.  And this time I stayed awake long enough to go change her (success!)  There was a night recently where I heard it and thought to myself  "Must get up and change..." before drifting back to sleep.  Don't worry, that one turned out to have been more like a really big fart with a tiny poop attached.  ;-)

And although my messy room is as real as it gets, here is something interesting.  See those Smarties?  You might be confused as to which ones - as Americans in Canada (not nearly as romantic as An American in Paris but here we are) they both are.  The top candy are an M&M like chocolate but with a thicker candy shell (so they're crunchier than M&Ms and I don't think they're as chocolate-y.) 
 The bottom are Smarties to us but Rockets to everyone around us.  Funny, huh?  And we also insist on calling donut holes Munchkins (not Tim Bits) and the letter Z is not zed (except when Bigger is trying to push Daddy's buttons.) 

And for the success - I haven't eaten any of these candies!  I've eaten some of the fruity Halloween candies but nothing else, thanks to a little lady who gets a very angry tummy if Mama eats anything dairy.  So I made vegan brownies for myself (success?) 


karen said...

I love american smarties :) And good for you for not eating any....yet!!

Misty said...

Hi Kate,
It's good to be here checking in with your family again. My fave pic is the baby burrito. Nothing cuter!

Rosie said...

I think if you are getting your bed made during this busy time of your life, that little devotion to the beauty and order of your space is wonderful! There will be time for more another day...

Marcia said...

I agree with your points of success and I congratulate you! Sometimes moms give themselves too little credit. That baby burrito is so very cute and reminds me of my swaddling attempts with my kids (moderate success). God bless!

simona said...

yup, that cheek is very squishy! how cute!
so how did the vegan brownies taste? i'm curious since one of my friends can't have dairy and her daughter can't have egg. so if they taste alright i'd love to try.

Leila said...

Thanks so much for joining! That baby could not be more darling!

Jackie C said...

What a gorgeous little burrito you have! So beautiful! God bless you and your family. =)

Suzette said...

Beautiful, amazing successes!!!!