Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yarn Along

Amazingly I got a few rows knit this week.  Really amazing because if you remember I picked up 216 stitches last week - well, the next line of the pattern was the knit 1, yarn over to end.  So now we're talking about 400-something stitches!  It feels good to be making progress (and thankfully there are only 10 rows in this section.) 

This I just have to share.  A friend sent me the link to a free pattern and it is entirely too cute to not share.  I checked out the other patterns too - ridiculously adorable.  Really, you should check them out. 

The reading front was also pretty amazing this week.  I finished The Union Quilters.  I can't help but read about the Civil War and marvel that anyone survived.  Marching from Frederick, MD to Gettysburg, PA, it's only something like 30-some miles of lovely hilly countryside.  But in July.  Wearing wool.  Carrying all your gear.  Having not eaten properly in weeks or months.  And marching right into battle.  Maybe I'm just a big wuss but that is remarkable. 

And I started a new novel yesterday - The Little Women Letters by Gabrielle Donnelly.  It "explores the imagined lives of Jo March's descendants."  So far pretty good (50 pages in.)  It's a nice blend of historical fiction and modern through finding Grandma Jo's letters in the attic. 

I can't seem to share a photo today because I'm using all of my space for it???  Anyone know anything about this?  I don't have any photos saved in Picasa or anywhere else and I do not want to have to pay for more storage (what a racket!) 
So now to link up with Ginny.   


Tracey said...

Kate, congratulations on all the knitting you were able to do, that is a lot of stitches.
Thank you so much for the little mice fairy link, they are adorable and I will have one on my needles before the sun goes down!

Anonymous said...

The pattern is adorable! Thanks for the pattern!

I had to pay for storage when I was on blogger too. I think I chose the lowest priced one. From what I understood if you deleted photos they would be deleted off your blog too. One of the reason I switched to Typepad:)

karen said...

I pay for storage so I do not know how to go around it. I think if you have a flickr account you can link from that url. Never tried it, good luck!!

Yay for the knitting!!!!!

momto5 said...

i am suddenly having that same issue. it says it is full, but then it says it is at 28%, too weird. i am wondering if i should pay the $2 a month or just switch blog accounts, it sorta irritates me. lol
the wee little mice, are sooo cute! what a great project.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think there is something odd going on with Blogger blogs. You are the second or third person who is having the same problem with uploading pics this week.

I switched my blog from Blogger to Wordpress a few years ago and have VERY few problems.

I hope things pan out for you.

Hurray for the knitting!

Peg said...

Go to Picassa and look at the top right, where it says web albums. You might find photos there that you had no idea were taking up space and if so, delete them. Sometimes I go back and look at my posts, and delete a few pics, but you have to delete them from web albums too. Because of this, I am posting fewer photos.