Monday, June 20, 2011

This Week

   ears/ sound

   *make rolls
   *clean out the stroller
   *make granola/ granola bars
   *finish pillow covers
   *finish BSJs
   *enter GTG points
   *start quilt top

  Monday - out :)
  Tuesday - ham, potatoes, veggies
  Wednesday - hot dogs, vegetarian baked beans, veggies/ salad
   Thursday - fried rice w/ ham, veggies,
   Friday - fish, rice, veggies/ salad
   Saturday - spagetti w/ sauce, salad

Special Stuff:
  Monday - soccer
  Tuesday - first day of SUMMER!
  Wednesday - playgroup
  Thursday - library
  Friday - drop-in

Let's see if this all helps.  I was once the queen of lists and have gotten away from it.  I'm thinking by putting it all together (and out there) it gives me a little accountability and motivation to get it done.  Plus I've discovered that if I don't plan ahead I'm much more likely to spend my time in front of the TV, computer, or a book than accomplishing housework.  Maybe it's a step toward simplicity - list and finish what needs doing so I can focus on the fun stuff.  Like books and blogs :)

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