Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small Success - 6/16

It's Thankful Thursday and time to celebrate our little victories.  Head over to Chocolate for your Brain to link up and celebrate!

This week -
*I got the muffin tin clean!
*Mount Laundrymore has been counquered and even put away.
*We survived our permit renewal and have a year to figure out what's next.
*Today was my last duty day for the year at preschool.  It's also the last day for the school year - I can't believe how much all the kids have grown!

I have high hopes for feeling more productive next week :)  The plan is to post the week's plans on Monday.  One of the great things about the Small Success posts is that it reminds me to get stuff done.  Even if it'ts jsut so I can post about it ;-) 



Hannah said...

Sounds like a very productive week! I am currently working on Mount Laundrymore. Good job getting it all done!!

Kansas Mom said...

I can't count the number of times I've finished something just so I could post it with my small successes! It's a good reason to keep participating.

SherryTex said...

It was a great week and I love the idea of posting the intended week's schedule to have goals for the week!

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering said...

Kate, I agree, a clean muffin tin is certainly 10 points - definitely something to get very excited about. Love Katie x