Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday Cake

This might go down in the memory books as an epic fail. Or maybe as one of the world's best salvages. Either way at least it was tasty.

 For whatever reason we didn't have all the ingredients for Littler's birthday cake before the actual day.  So after Mass we headed to the grocery store for what we were missing, like flour.  After that it was downtown for the 9/11 memorial and then back to the church for the parish picnic.  Then home for a rest and to bake a cake.  I hadn't wanted to put it till the last minute but sometimes these things cannot be helped. 

So I found a recipe for a one bowl chocolate cake that serves 8 - perfect.  So I started to mix it up.  DH took the Birthday Boy out to pick up the Birthday Pizza. 

In my rush to be finished before Birthday Boy and Daddy got home and needing the cake cooled for frosting I tried to turn it out of the pan too soon.  A chunk of cake remained in the pan resulting in one really sad looking cake :( 

My brilliant plan was to use the cooling rack to flip the top back onto the bottom and then just serve it out of the pan.  But the cake had other plans and simply slid back into the pan, top side down.  Oh crud, now what do I do?  I cried, which thoroughly upset Bigger and, in true 3 year old fashion, started to fall apart too saying "I'm sorry, it's my fault."  So first I calmed the two of us down.  And  then I called my parents. 

Mom suggested adding pudding, which sounds yummy.  But we lacked pudding mix or enough milk to make pudding.  So I added a little milk to the frosting and drizzled it on the messy top.  Then to complete the "I meant to do that" look I added red and blue sprinkles. 

The Birthday Boy doesn't seem to find anything strange to his cake.  In fact he was quite tickled by it. 

And it seemed to pass the taste test.  The WeatherMan and I agreed it tasted a little spice cake-like which we thought was odd.  Not in a bad way just not like chocolate cake.  So next time, more chocolate.  And more patience.  :)  And maybe a little planning ahead. 


Swanski said...

Sounds like you saved the day and the cake! If it tasted good then that is all that matters. Happy Birthday, little one!!!!

Emily said...

I think that was a great save! And the birthday boy definitely seems quite pleased :)

lommiles said...

You did well! It's important to manage the 'thrown together at the last minute' happily! But, I always found that whenever I left something to the last minute, one of the other boys would need a trip to the ER.