Monday, November 14, 2011

Right now

I would really like the chance to write.  I would really like a break.  I would really like a nap. 

However, the boys are apparently boycotting naps.  It's still kinda early to tell but I "put them down" theoretically for a nap about 45 minutes ago and they are still going strong.  In fact, by the sound I just heard my guess is that Littler is climbing into the bathtub while Bigger goes potty.  Then he'll probably join the tubby festivities. 

Unfortunately they really cannot comprehend that with no nap they will not be running errands with Daddy later.  Because there is no way I'm sending them out to nap at dinner time in the car.  That would just be insane.  And the tragic part is that they have been told this and their answer was "but Mama..." 

No buts.  You will be so very sad later when Daddy goes out and you are stuck at home with boring mean old Mama who you have been with all day just because you refused to go to sleep.

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meghann said...

So…you basically had the same day I had today, then? Minus the threat of no errands, because I didn't even have that ace up my sleeve…

The good news is that after a bath with lots of bubbles and a few drops of lavender, mine are both sleeping like…well, like babies. I hope yours are, too… xo